By David Brown, Features Writer  

Shoes are everything to me because when I was younger I really liked this one pair of Jordan Retro 11’s. They were called Cool Grey 11’s, all grey upper, grey patent leather, white midsole and finished with icy bottom.

I talked to two of my uncles. I asked Mr. Stacy Davis which kicks he likes better, Jordan’s or Nike’s.

“I love Nikes and the Nike brand, but I have to go with Jordans,” Davis said.

He says Jordans are very comfortable and high quality in materials. I also talked to Mr. David Davis.  I asked him the same question; my uncles are brothers, and both are shoe collectors.

David Davis stated he also loves the Jordan brand not because of the quality but because the history behind the shoes, how long they’ve been around.

“I love the way Jordans are designed and the history behind the Jordans because I’m from Chicago, and I have loved Jordans since I was a little boy,” he said.

I also talked to one of my other family members, sophomore Christopher Thomas, a student at Dutch Fork High School. He is also a shoe collector. I asked him the same question that I asked my two uncles. He said that he is a Jordan fan, but he has to go with Nike’s because he’s been a Nike fan forever.

Jordan 3's.
Jordan 3’s.