By Skylar Dooley, News Writer

The week of October 23-31, 2014, gave a major impact of drug and alcohol abuse on students at Keenan.

Teachers hope students will keep their pledges to stay drug free.

The teachers think Red Ribbon Week put a good influence on the students.

“I feel it was a great opportunity to expose students to the importance of being drug free,” Mrs. Alexandria Williams, science teacher, said. “This year’s theme was Love Yourself and be Drug Free. The students enjoyed participating in the spirit days and classroom activities. The students focused on the problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. They signed pledges and participated in Plant the Promise.”

Students embraced the ideas conveyed during the week.

“I really enjoyed Red Ribbon Week,” Freshman Desiree Kelly said. “It encouraged me to be drug free.”

Students enjoyed and appreciated how the theme of Red Ribbon Week was incorporated into daily school activities.

“Yes, I liked the red popcorn,” Freshman Kierra Canzater said. “It made being drug free delicious.”

Students understood the purpose of Red Ribbon Week and its activities.

“It showed me that drugs are bad for you and that you could die from it and it messes with your lungs and it could ruin your life,” Freshman Shaneria Jeffers said.

Students as well as teachers gained a lot from the Red Ribbon Week activities. Teachers got the point across that drug and alcohol abuse can ruin lives, and students learned the risks and chances associated with doing drugs, all while having fun participating in the Red Ribbon Week activities.

“The students had a lot of fun, especially with the lunch activities, especially the game show where students had to spin the wheel to answer questions about different drugs,” Mrs. Deidra Pompey, English teacher, said. “They received different prizes for answering questions correctly.”

Love yourself by choosing to be Drug Free. Teachers, faculty and staff stress to get the point across about the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

“I hope that each and every student supports the decision to live a healthy, drug free lifestyle,” Williams said. “We try to emphasize [the] physical, social and legal impact drug use has on people’s lives.”