By Thurman Trapp, Sports Writer

While track team members are trying to become state champions, Coach Charles Proctor, track coach, has them doing the unexpected. Conditioning has officially started for track in the spring.

Winning the 4×1 during last year’s track season, the team is led by Proctor, who wants to do more by winning this year’s track championship as a whole.

Track goals for this year’s season are high. Winning the state championship is one, Proctor said.

“There are specific things you should do to condition for track. I ran two miles each and every day,” Junior Dargen Brabham said.

There is a big difference from last year’s track team and this year’s track team. The confidence in both teams is the difference.

Last year, team members didn’t know they were capable of winning; this year’s track team members know they are going to win the state championship.

There are many events in track. Certain track runners compete in certain events for certain reasons.

Junior Amber Stone’s favorite events are the 400-meter dash, 4×1 and 4×4.

“The 400-meter dash is a better event than any other because it’s not too long and not too short,” Stone said. “The 4×1 and 4×4 relays are good for me because I’m very cooperative and flexible when it comes to teamwork.”

After winning the 4×1 last year, there are many things those runners need to improve to increase their speed.

“[We need] harder preparation and focusing on techniques more,” Senior Kendrick Gather said.