By Kamya Gibbons, News Writer

One of Keenan’s assistant principals recently received a doctorate.

“I feel great about obtaining my degree,” Dr. Veronica Scott, assistant principal for curriculum and instruction, said.  “It was a personal goal that I set earlier on in life, and it felt great to be able to complete something so profound.”

All she has done has been done through Christ.

“I always place God first in my life and have always had faith in my abilities, so I attribute those two things to my success [in] the completion of this degree,” Scott said.  “I also had a strong family support system that always encouraged me when I felt myself getting tired.  In addition, I have never been a person to start something and not complete it, so when I started this degree, I strived hard to see it through to the end.”

This made her feel complete and satisfied in life.

“I feel accomplished but not with completing the degree, but with my life and all the wonderful opportunities and blessings I have been afforded thus far,” Scott said.

She has advanced in the education program, completing her goal by receiving her doctorate in the education school program.

“My degree is a Doctor of Education Degree (Ed.D),” Scott said.

Scott attended and graduated from South Carolina State University.

“I am a proud graduate of South Carolina State University,” Scott said.  “I was hooded on December 13, 2014.”

It took Scott some time, but she has finally gotten past this stage and has many bigger and better things in store.

“It took me a total of 3.5 years to complete this chapter in life,” Scott said.  “Now I am anxious to see what the next chapter in my life holds.”

Many others are proud of Scott’s accomplishment as well.

“That is a blessing to meet your goal in life and feel accomplished and comfortable in where you are in life,” Ms. Jasmine Gray, science teacher, said.

Scott has inspired students also to have the positive attitude that she has.

“I hope I [can] have the type of attitude…[Dr.] Scott [has] when it comes to not giving up; I am very proud of her and all of the hard work she has put forth,” Junior Jazlyn Brown said.  “It took her 3.5 years, and she is happy with herself in life, that is a great feeling.”