By Jordyn Reynolds, News Writer

On November 18 and December 12, 2014, Keenan had active shooter drills.

Every year Richland One requires each of its schools to have active shooter drills. The schools can also have one on their own.

What exactly is an active shooter drill? It’s the drill that a school practices just in case there is a shooter in the school, just like fire, earthquake and tornado drills.

When the administration comes on the intercom and tells the school that there is an active shooter in the building, students and staff are to lock all doors, turn off lights, cover windows and move to a corner of the classroom.

Everyone has a role to play in these drills.

“My role is to make sure everyone is doing procedures properly,” Officer Clarence Black, School Resource Officer, said.  “I walk around and check halls, and I make sure I see and hear what I need to.”

The question is are active shooter drills really effective?

Not everyone agrees that active shooter drills really make a difference in the school’s safety.

“I feel they are pointless, why would someone want to come and shoot us?” Junior Troy Chapman said.

Some students feel as though it’s not worth it, especially if no one is going to take the case seriously.

“Everyone takes it as a joke; all they do is laugh,” Freshman Jasha Colvin said.

Active shooter drills are done to ensure students know how to be safe in that situation.

If no one is taking it seriously, people could only imagine what would happen if there were an actual shooter in the school.

“I’m okay with active shooter drills; we need to be prepared,” Mrs. Shalise Wine, Business Education teacher, said.  “I feel the students will be wild if one actually happened though.”

If people aren’t going to take active shooter drills seriously, then should schools have them more often or just forget about them completely?