By Candace Stribling, News Writer

Martin Luther King, Jr., influences many with his speeches, peaceful protest and civil marches. Keenan family members speak on what he means to them and how he impacts other aspects of peaceful change.

In this time of violence and racial issues, America has lost the vision of what King was trying to accomplish.

King was an inspiring leader and wanted everyone to live together peacefully, no matter the race or color of the person.

“The issue of racism can’t be resolved until each older individual solves the situation within themselves,” Mrs. Carolyn Franklin, Business Education teacher, said.

King’s views and thoughts would put light on the situation. All sides need to come together and get along.

Martin Luther King Day is a celebration to honor his accomplishments in equality and peace. This year Martin Luther King Day was celebrated January 19.

King is an inspiring role model to numerous people:

“He is a role model to me; his belief in nonviolence is inspiring humanity to get along regardless of race and color,” Ms. Brenda Boyd, media specialist, said.

Because of his views on equality, King was killed by James Earl Ray because Ray didn’t like or understand King’s views.

Ms. Mary Haile, English teacher, said King is most remembered for peaceful change and his “I Have a Dream Speech.”

With Martin Luther King Day, celebrating and honoring him means a lot to countless people to remember a person who made such a big impact on history.