By Terrel Davis, News Writer

Pizza Hut launched its annual Pennies for Pizza campaign in October to benefit world hunger. The Arcadia Lakes Pizza Hut was Keenan’s associate on this job. Keenan’s 2B classes raised funds to help children and families in seriously impoverished countries.

Keenan’s total earnings were $515.46. Mr. Charlie Richards, math teacher, and his class had the most earnings with an overall total of $82.48. Coming in second place was Mrs. Anita Stroman, English teacher, and her class with $73.07; appearing in third place was Mrs. Carla Gourdine, English teacher, and her class with $45.62.

“I think I put in about…$4.00,” Senior Frederic Belton said.

Some people didn’t donate because they wanted to spend their money on lunch.

“There’s so much going on that people…just forget…about it,” Mrs. Belinda Williams, mathematics teacher, said.

The class that won the Pennies for Pizza fundraiser won a pizza party.

“More people love pizza than pasta,” Mrs. Billie Southard, family consumer science teacher, said.