By Tiski Gray, Features Writer

Ms. Sahara White, a new teacher at Keenan, is making a boom in the Science Department. She has a Bachelor of Science in biology with a minor in chemistry. White chooses to be closer to home and likes the programs Keenan has to offer.

“Teaching brings me closer to the young generation, to steer them down the right path and make [them] live their dreams with a quality education,” White, a biology teacher, said.

She teaches high school students to build scientific awareness and creativity upon science concepts. She teaches chemistry and physical science in addition to biology.

“She is an excellent teacher,” Mrs. Alexandria Williams, Science Department chairperson, said.  “She has so much experience in teaching Biology I. She is constantly making accommodations and adjustments to meet the needs of her students. Ms. White is a great asset to the W.J. Keenan science department.”

White is interested in teaching students at a high caliber and teaching them correct science methods.

“Ms. White brings classroom experience to the students of Keenan,” Mr. Kareem Beckett, Engineering teacher, said. She also can contribute to scores on major tests such as the ACT.”