By Tiski Gray, Features Writer

The Keenan Science Department has brought forth a new teacher for the 2014-2015 school year. Ms. Jasmine Gray, science teacher, contributes to Keenan’s new staff. She is looking forward to an outstanding school year with her students.

“I love teaching students and being a part of making a difference in [a] young adult’s life,” Gray, who teaches Anatomy and Physiology Honors, said.

Gray is a graduate of Benedict College; she has one year of high school-level teaching experience. Gray chooses to work in Richland County School District One for the experience of a variety of students.

“Ms. Gray is a valuable aspect [of] Keenan,” Mrs. Rona Stuart, social studies teacher, said. “She works hard and does her best to help the students.”

Keenan was available for a science position, so Gray took the job. Her passion is to teach on the high school level because there is a gap between college and high school education. In addition to Anatomy and Physiology Honors, Gray teaches AP Environmental Science and Biology II.

“She is a wonderful teacher,” Senior Kendric Gathers said. “She benefits [us] in major ways. She stops her lesson just to help you understand.”