By Candace Stribling, News Writer

Accreditation visitors came to evaluate Keenan on November 11.

The team of visitors came to Keenan to evaluate what faculty, staff and students are doing and what they’re supposed to do concerning the mission statement and requirements of school.

“I think Keenan passed; nothing was displeasing…teachers are fine and great,” Junior Amber Stone said. “To improve the score of the school, [we need] better communication with students and teachers [and a] better relationship with the students and parents.”

Having good accreditation is very important for students. When the school has bad or no accreditation, a high school diploma will not be any good to get into college or to get a job.

“To receive a good accreditation score, the steps needed are for the school to [have a] good mission statement, good quality teachers, a good relationship with students and finally an excellent curriculum for students,” Ms. Ebere Cornelius, school social worker, said.

Accreditation is so important not only for students but also for teachers. Without it, teachers might be out of a career.

“Keenan needs good certification when students are trying to find job[s] after graduating.  [The school] will have it and your diploma will be valid,” Mrs. Joan Alexander, Agriculture Science teacher, said.

After everything, the whole district, including Keenan, passed.