By Troy Brown, Sports Writer

Keenan’s wrestling team is looking forward to the upcoming season. Most of their starters are returning, looking to win the state championship. Supporters and players are confident about the upcoming season.

Last year, the wrestling team was runner-up for the region. All of their wrestlers qualified for the upper state semifinals. Juniors Kemondre Pauldo and Troy Brown went to the state championship.

“It was a good experience that I was part of a group of wrestlers in the state championship. I’m looking forward to the same results this season,” Pauldo said.

The starters for this season are undecided as of now. Assistant Coach Pablo Rivera is looking for “dedication and commitment.”


Rivera is having a hard time trying to figure out who will have the most impact.

“There are a lot of good wrestlers returning, and I will tell who will impact the most by the way they carry themselves,” Rivera said.

Many wrestlers have the same vision and goals this season and are determined to fulfill their common goal.

“I think we are going to do our thing this year,” Junior Thaddeus Peterson said.  “My goals are to become a better wrestler, win the region, upper state and work my way to the state championship.”

Although there are only a few freshmen wrestlers attempting to gain a spot on the team, they seem to have an idea about how the season will go, and how they will complete their goals.

“I know as a team we are going all the way,” Freshmen Nick Grey said.  “I guess I’ll try to do my best because it’s a hard sport.”