By Breayanna Gibson, Features Writer

Mrs. Stephanie Jenkins, dance teacher, is setting up this year’s Keenan Scholarship Pageant.

The qualifications to be in the pageant are a 2.0 GPA, $200 fundraiser and no infractions. The theme of the pageant is Masquerade.

Pageant contestants participating are Sophomores Roderica Sturrup and John Richmond, Juniors Amber Stone and Ashley Baker and Seniors Raegan Crewell and Caleb Boyd.

Crewell is looking forward to this year’s pageant.

“[I like] creating new friendships [and] bonds with people I don’t normally talk to on a regular [basis]…getting dolled up and gracing the stage with my elegance,” Crewell said.

Is Jenkins enthusiastic about setting up this year’s pageant?

“Absolutely!” she said.

This year’s pageant will be in the theater at 6:00 P.M. on January 11, 2015. Admission is $5.00.

Stone won Miss Sophomore last year.

“It was a great experience to compete for Miss Sophomore; unlike the other competitions like Homecoming, there was no hostility or anger about who won or not. It’s a great experience for me and the other girls,” Stone said.

Judges for the pageant this year are Mr. and Miss Benedict and three other people to be determine.

“Last year was an eye-opener for me, considering I didn’t win. It really tested my level of resiliency,” Crewell said.

The prize of winning the pageant is a trophy, the title, and $700 for Mr. and Miss Keenan. Some contestants already have plans for the scholarship money.

Boyd has narrowed down the choices down for schools he may attend and what he will major in.