By Eva Owusu, News Writer

The Keenan Marching Raider Rubber Band went to Atlanta, Georgia, on November 7 to compete in the National Band Competition.

The band has worked many weeks throughout the summer and first quarter of the school year in order to prepare a routine show for the competition.

Lead by Mr. Brandon Hopkins, band director, the band continued into another year of competing against bands across the nation.

The band placed in the following categories: First Place: General Effect, First Place: Drumline, First Place: Music, First Place: Division and Second Place: Overall.

“I think they did exceptionally well,” Mrs. Archias Forbes, chorus teacher, said.  “Our students performed phenomenally. They surpassed all of our expectations. They truly exemplified the phrase from the little engine that could…‘I think I can, I think I can.’ We thought we could, and we did.”

The Raiderettes also brought back a win by winning first place in the flag and dance categories.

“I think we performed exceptionally well,” Senior Raegan Crewell, Raiderette captain, said. “We executed properly, and we were full of energy. We left our all on the field; the long hours, the sweat and tears paid off. The Raiderettes brought home two first place trophies, so as captain I was satisfied with the results, knowing how hard this year has been for us.”

Although the band season is over, the band is continuing to perform at the games for the football team, who is currently in the state playoffs. They will also be performing their competition routine for the halftime show.

“The band motivates us through their sound because they are the loudest fans in the crowd; you can really hear them in the field,” Junior Chauncy Haney, football player, said. “Overall everyone at Keenan would agree that the Keenan Marching Raider Rubber Band is truly the best band in the land.”