By Kiera Porter, News Writer

Keenan has a whole new class of incoming freshmen with stars in their eyes this year.

One of the new freshmen, Keyona Dunn, gives some intel on how she feels in her new environment.

She said it is a good experience, and she feels comfortable at this school.

“I think overall Keenan is a really good school compared to others,” Dunn said.

Also she thought the transition wasn’t that difficult because she was used to it.

“I came from a school where high school and middle school were together, so it’s nothing new to it,” Dunn said.




Keenan is most known for its basketball team, so freshman look forward to joining in on the action, either as fans or players.

Mr. Zachary E. Norris, head basketball coach, has high hopes for freshmen and is ready for the task.

“My staff and I are determined to develop each and every one of these freshman to the utmost, we are going to instill a work ethic second to none,” Norris said.

Mr. Sean E. Glover, Freshmen Academy Assistant Principal, takes care of all disciplinary actions involving the freshmen class.

Glover feels the freshmen class is a work in progress. He tries to be firm but fair. He looks at all 727 students at Keenan as if they were his own children.

“It’s hard to handle the fact that if you made a different decision, maybe the student would have made a better choice,” Glover said.