By Ivi Mitchell, News Writer

From February 11 to March 12, Keenan held its annual Pasta for Pennies drive. Pasta for Pennies is a national drive Olive Garden hosts. Schools from all over the United States participate. Pasta for Pennies is held to help raise money for cancer patients.

Each teacher and his or her 1B class was given a month to raise and donate as much money as possible. As a reward for raising the most money, Olive Garden would give the winning class a meal.

Mrs. Alexandria Williams, Science Teacher, and her 1B class won first place for the most money.

“My class put in effort to win the pasta,” Williams said.

Senor Fredys Castro, Spanish Teacher, participated, and his class was disappointed to lose.

“I feel we should’ve won,” Castro said.

In total Keenan students raised $1,532.59.

“Keenan raised $1,532.59. Williams’ class raised $269.47 of that,” Mrs. Deidra Pompey, Student Council Advisor, said.

Keenan will participate again next year, hoping to raise more money than the present and previous years.