By Diamond Jones, News Writer

On April 24, Mrs. Ramona Saracila, mathematics teacher, and Mr. Adam Traynor, social studies teacher, hosted Keenan’s first chess tournament. Although this was the first year of the chess tournament, it was a major success.

Saracila described the tournament to be amazing, and many enjoyed it.

“It was a great success, and everyone enjoyed it. Mr. Pressley gave us a lot of support, and we really appreciate it,” she said.

There were two categories during this tournament, which were speed and standard chess.

Junior Robert Entzminger explained what both categories of chess are.

“Speed chess is when you play while only having five minutes per person, [with the] match ending in either…timeout or checkmate,” Entzminger said.  “Standard chess is an intellectually challenging game which ends when the king is put into checkmate.”

Junior Tyson Hunter, winner of speed chess, expressed his love for the game.

“I love [chess]; it’s a great way to show I’m a strategist, and I really enjoyed this tournament,” he said.