By Porsha Chase, News Writer

The High School Assessment Program (HSAP) has two tests, one English and the other math. Since the South Carolina Education Accountability Act (EAA) of 1988 said each public school student pass an exit examination to get a high school diploma, all sophomores take the HSAP.

Keenan teachers and administrators together enforced a program called the HSAP Blitz to provide academic support and to assist students with passing the HSAP in the spring of 2014. The HSAP Blitz sessions were Tuesdays through Thursdays for all students who had to take the HSAP. The blitz gave tutorial sessions that provided a large amount of help to the students.

“We expect all students to pass the [HSAP] with the help we’ve [given],” Ms. Veronica Scott, Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, said.

The HSAP Blitz doesn’t force students to stay, but it strongly encourages students to stay and take an advantage of the academic support that will assist and benefit them with passing the HSAP.

“It’s a group effort, but the positive impact we anticipate will be worth it when a majority of our students pass the HSAP,” Mrs. Rona Stuart, social studies teacher, said.