By Jalona Webb, Features Writer

On May 16, the drama department and band students performed the play RAPunzel. RAPunzel was an urban twist on the traditional fairy tale “Rapunzel.”

“It’s a play; it’s a modernized version of ‘Rapunzel.’ It’s our Keenan High spin on ‘Rapunzel,’” Sophomore Le’on Hill said.

The months of preparation and practice showed on the night of the performance. Audience members of all ages expressed their enjoyment of the play.

“It was fantastic; I enjoyed it. We have some talented students. The students enjoyed themselves,” Mrs. Alethea Barnes-Hughey, English Teacher, said.

Each component of the performance was pleasing to the audience.

“My favorite part was the dancing, but the singing was amazing as well. The actors were very intriguing, and I watched the whole thing,” Freshman Salena Webb said.

Overall the student critics were pleased.

The show was well attended, thanks to all the hard work of those on and off the stage. Viewers gave all credit.

“Everything flowed perfectly and was fun to watch; the band, actors, dancers, singers, and the people making it happen did a really good job. I’m happy I went,” Sophomore Willie Branic said.

The rehearsal time put in by each department involved was evident.

“I think the music set the mood and accented what the actors were doing on stage,” Mr. Brandon Hopkins, Band Director, said.

According to the audience, the play was a success. No one left unsatisfied. Keenan students put on a performance to remember.