By Rodrick Jones, Sports Editor

Compared to last year’s statistics the Keenan Track and Field team has really showed improvement through the years. The track and field team received a new head coach, Mr. Charles Proctor, this year. On April 11and 12 the Raiders ran and jumped in the Taco Bell Classic at Spring Valley High School. Senior Peter Easaw is a local favorite, running a 10.9 in the 100m dash and 22.6 in the 200m run. Taco Bell really opened the eyes of some of the track athletes.

“It made me realize that there’s a lot of better talent, and I need to get better,” Junior Kendric Gathers said.

A bundle of talent from the East coast of the U.S. comes down every year for this event, including two female runners; Senior Briana Powell ran the 110m hurdles and Senior Jyana Crosby ran the 200m and 100m runs. Powell feels the team has really improved through the years. The coaches may be the reason for this.

“This year’s team is 10 times better than last year’s, thanks to our new coaching staff (Coach Veronica Satchel and Coach Proctor). We have been pushed as a team in so many new ways. Now we’ve started understanding that this hard work will soon pay off. As Coach Proctor always says, ‘You can’t be afraid to be great,’” Powell said.

Keenan’s team had a strong group of boys. Junior Stanford Wilson ran with the other dominant track schools in the area and ran a 50.02 in the 400m dash. Junior Deion Trezevant jumped 20.8 feet in the long jump. The teams 4’1 relay team competed and came in 5th in their race.

“My performance at Taco Bell was decent. The Taco Bell environment was something I’ll never forget,” Trezevant said.

There are high expectations for the team in May. State is the only place the team expects to be.

“We will win the 4’1 at the state meet for 2A track,” Gathers said.

Although they’ve been successful and really improved, not even the local favorite, Easaw, plans on running track in their future.

“Track later on? No!” Easaw said.