By DeNasia Owens, News Writer

For the last year, Keenan has been changing rules, and administrators are trying to keep students in school; they’re suspending them for how they dress and doing things that shouldn’t be restricted.

In the case of a student being sent out of class by administration for her pants being too tight, one administrator said it was the material, and the other said that it was okay because she had pockets. They’re so strict on students, they’re confusing themselves.

The way a person dresses expresses his or her personality through clothing. Teens today have various personalities and styles. As long as the clothing isn’t too revealing, it shouldn’t be a problem. High school is supposed to get students ready for college and the real world. Juniors and seniors should have more privilege since they’re closer to being in the real world or experiencing college life.

While observing school rules, they’re very similar to those of a correctional facility:

  • No outside food
  • No visitors for lunch
  • No electronic devices

What’s next? Students have to be uniformed the same as the people in correctional facilities? LET US BE FREE!

Keenan is also issuing iPads this year, but only to engineering students. Another school in School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties has reasonable school rules that should be taken into consideration at Keenan.

  • The cellphone zone (student café/lunch area): Students can use cellphones and have electronics out during lunch and breakfast without administration taking them or writing a referral.
  • Every student has the opportunity to get an iPad mini as long as the yearly insurance is paid; if anything goes wrong, students have until the next school day to report it to the media center.
  • Dress code: Shorts and skirts have to be fingertip length or have leggings/tights under them. Leggings can be worn as long as people can’t see through material. Open-back sandals are worn at students’ own risk.

LET US BE FREE! Can we make this change for the following school year since this school year is coming to an end?