By Kayla Brown, News Writer

Ever since administration at Keenan made the students’ lunch 10 minutes shorter, students have a lot to say; they don’t think it’s fair. They say they don’t have enough time to get their lunch and eat it. Twenty minutes for lunch is just not long enough. Two students from each grade level were asked about how they really felt about the lunch schedule.  One of the questions asked was “Do you think it’s fair for us to have 20 minutes for lunch?” Most students’ responses were very negative. They also feel our social time is cut short.

“Social time is kind of important at school; sometimes the people you socialize with at school you don’t see outside of school, and we can’t socialize in class, so we need social time with friends,” Freshman Dasia Williams  said.

So seeing the outcomes of shorter lunch has been a disgrace for the students at Keenan. Students feel that they should have a voice, and the administration should consider listening to some of their ideas.