By Kenyonna Killingsworth, Graphics and Design Editor

The Class of 2014’s time at Keenan is coming to an end as the seniors get ready to graduate. We’ve shared laughs, we’ve danced, talked, and voted for one another in competition. We’re going to miss being around each other. We’ve cried together, lost together, and have become mature together.

“I will miss them; however, it[’s] time to move one and start a new chapter,” Mrs. Jessica Miller, English teacher, said. “The seniors of this year were a very exciting group…can`t wait to see how well they do [in] ten years.”

The class of 2014 has a bright future ahead. We must remember who we are and where we came from.

“I do believe that the class of 2014 will be successful,” Mrs. DeVonne Smalls, math teacher, said. “I love them; I wish them [well].”

Graduation day will be the day we say goodbye to our friends and many important people in our lives. We’ve been together four years and maybe even more. When we walk across that stage, we will be reminded of our great times together.

“They are a super group; I am very excited for them. I know they’ll strive to become great leaders,” Mrs. Anita Stroman, English teacher, said.

At first, tears never came; there was excitement and laughter for our final year in high school. However, our last days are coming to an end. Seems like there are more interesting things to do, like moving on and meeting new people…