By Quinton Stroman, Sports Writer

The 2014 Keenan soccer team did well for its first year. This was the first soccer team in school history. Keenan had a few bright spots throughout the season, but there is always room for improvement.

Since this was the team’s first year, the team was mixed with girls and boys.

“It felt good because we had a lot of fun, it was exciting and it’s nothing wrong playing with girls,” Senior Tyler McKinnon, Left Kicker, said.

During the season the Raiders had some close, tough games. They could have easily dropped their heads and given up on the season, but they didn’t; they kept fighting.

“I just tried my best to win and to encourage everyone else to do better and to stay focus[ed] on task at hand,” Senior Anthony Harris, one of the team’s leading scorers, said.

The Raiders had a new captain for every game.

“We alternated captain’s base[d] off the effort and leadership skills shown in practice that week before the game,” Coach Pablo Rivera said.

Senior James Farrow was considered a key player of the team by coaches and players. He had to replace the starting goal keeper, and he was also one of the team’s leading scorers.

Even though the Raiders finished the season 0-7 they still have a bright future  because they was a young team, and most of the key players will be returning to the team also it was the team’s first year.