By Jasmine Mack, Sports Writer

Keenan’s softball team suffered a loss when it took on North Central. The game was held 6:00 on Friday, March 14 at Keenan.

“We have a young team that’s working hard to learn the game daily. It was a rough start but it will get better as time goes on,” Head Coach Clarence Black said.

The team took a loss against North Central 21-1. The game had nine innings and the point was scored by Sophomore Day-Sha Stewart, who was later injured.

“We could have done better, and we tried our hardest,” Freshman Relinda Starks said.

This was the second game of the softball season. The current softball team record is 13-3.

“You are stronger than you seem, braver than you believe and smarter than you think you are, but we could have done better” Sophomore Gloria White said.

The softball team’s next game was held March 18 at Columbia High.