By Danielle Moody, Sports Reporter

The Keenan Raider varsity boys’ basketball team faced the Fairfield Central Griffins on January 17, 2014, for Coming Home in the Keenan Gymnasium. The Raiders defeated the Griffins with a final score of 82-77.

“I study the tendencies of our opposing team and make sure that we are good with the things within our system [to] offset their team strengths,” Coach Zachary Norris said.

The Raiders worked hard to get the win that Friday evening.

“I feel good about our performance this year because we were winning as a team, and I was glad to have some part of it,” Senior Quentin “Marcus” Stroman said.

The fans seemed to also enjoy the game. They were supportive and seemed very excited to see the Raiders leave with a victory.

“I feel our Raiders were very successful and earned their victory,” Ms. Cynthia Neal, Keenan parent and fan, said.