By Ivi Mitchell, News Writer

In the Lecture Hall on December 3, 2013, Keenan’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) Chapter had an awards ceremony. The FFA is a worldwide organization that helps young students with leadership and communication skills.

This ceremony has a program that it follows every time the members meet.

“We have opening ceremony, an inspiring message from a speaker, awards given and then we eat,” Mrs. Joan Alexander, Advisor, said.

Many people attended this meeting, including family members and peers of members.

“The meeting was a success; we had more faculty, teachers and parents that attended the meeting,” Alexander said. “They get to see the accomplishments of the students.”

Alexander is now in the process of recruiting more students for the organization.

“I would recommend people to join us because it’s fun; we have field trips, and we have opportunities to learn new things as we travel,” Senior Martia Geiger, FFA Vice President, said.

To the contrary, Freshmen Niasha Mention had a different opinion of the FFA awards ceremony.

“We need members to be at our meetings, and members that fill in the officers’ positions are lost; therefore, we have to help them,” Mention said.