By Quinton Stroman, Sports Writer

The 2014 Keenan Raiders JV Boys basketball team made their mark in the record books by finishing undefeated. The Raiders finished 13-0, with a couple of blow-out victories.

The Raiders defeated crosstown rival, the Eau Claire Shamrocks, both home and away by a large margin both times. The team was led by Sophomore Jaquan Osborne, who was the captain of the team.

“The key for us going undefeated was to play hard and just have that mentality that we were going to win because if we practice hard, we play hard; it will be easy,” Osborne said.

Going undefeated isn’t easy to do, but the Raiders kept their eyes on the goal.

“It felt like we couldn’t be beat and that we were going to state,” Junior Avery Gilliam said.

Throughout the season, the Raiders had their ups and down, but they fought through it. That was one of their keys to success.

“I felt like we was a real family and [we] stuck together,” Sophomore Daron Johnson, one of the leading scorers, said.