By Kenyonna Killingsworth, Graphics Designs Editor

What is cyber bulling?  Cyber bulling is when another person hurts someone else on the internet. It’s the use of information to harm or to harass other people. Cyber bulling is not limited to children, teens or even adults. Some children think it’s funny to harm someone else.

“That cyber bullying is a sad thing someone can do to someone,” Mrs. Debbie Lomas, Attendance Secretary, said.

Lomas has been bullied before in middle school.

She has never bullied anyone else.

Cyber bullying is when someone is trying to manipulate or to humiliate another person. Cyber bullying is being cruel to others.  The most common way cyber bullying is done is by sending and posting messages.

“Cyber bulling is taking over the original way of bulling,” Mr. Sean Glover, Freshman Academy Assistant Principal, said.

Cyber bulling can be harmful to people.

Cyber bulling can cause mental issues. It can make a child feel so low that he or she has thoughts of suicide. And it is wrong for someone to feel like he or she is in danger on the internet. People have a right to get on the internet and get off and one piece.

“Cyber bulling is wrong,” Ms. Mary Haile, English Teacher, said.

Cyber bulling is a crime that you don’t want to commit; you will get time in jail.