By Diamond Jones, News Writer

The week of January 13 -17 was Coming Home Week 2014. The theme of this week was “Blue and Gold Never Gets Old.” Monday was Lazy Day; students were to dress in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Tuesday was Stoplight Day; students were to dress according to relationship status, while on Wednesday, Class Uniform Day, all students and faculty were to wear khakis with t-shirt color by classification. On Thursday, students were to dress in black attire as if they were going to a funeral. As on any other Friday, students were to show their Raider pride by wearing Blue and Gold.

Many students wonder how Student Council comes up the ideas for Spirit Week.

“First, we come up with the theme, and then we pick the days; next we try to get the ultimate thing done, which is to get administrative approval,” Ms. Mary Haile, Student Council Sponsor, said.

Seniors Desia Truesdale and Jocelyn Grace expressed their thoughts about Spirit Week.

“I feel as though Spirit Week would have been better if the Student Council members were more involved. It might have been more successful with more ideas from more people,” Truesdale said.

Although Grace agreed with Truesdale, she voiced her opinion in a different way.

“I did not enjoy Spirit Week! I believe Spirit Week would have been better if more Student Council members were allowed to put forth more ideas, instead of the Student Council President doing it herself,” Grace said.

Truesdale and Grace both felt as if this was the worst Coming Home Spirit Week ever.

Grace, who is usually a faithful participant in Spirit Week, describes why she felt this Coming Home Spirit Week was the worst ever.

“This Spirit Week was the lamest Spirit Week I have seen in all my four years of high school. I also feel as though Spirit Week would have been enjoyable if Keenan’s rules and regulations didn’t stifle our creativity,” Grace said.

In contradiction of what Grace and Truesdale said, Student Council President Briana Davidson felt Spirit Week was great.

“I feel as if this Coming Home Spirit Week was better than any other. I did my job, and many students as well as teachers participated,” Davidson said.

Haile believes Spirit Week could be better and more enjoyable if students had more spirit.

“I’m a Keenan graduate, and the level of spirit I see among students today is not as high as when I was in school,” Haile said.

Grace and Truesdale pitched their ideas on what they would like to see for Spirit Week. They both have great ideas such as Character/Celebrity Day, Pajama Day and Gender Day.

Grace feels as if complications are what prevented students from having a Great Spirit Week.

“In Student Council, it’s very hard for everyone to stay on the same page when dealing with a bunch of different personalities,” Grace said.

In response to what others said about Spirit Week, Davidson pointed out how any president has a hard job to do.

“In life you will have a lot of people to say negative things, but just keep your head up; while the President has people say negative things about him, he still does his job have a job to do,” Davidson said.