By Jasmine Mack, Sports Writer

Keenan’s Flying Raider wrestling team advanced to the second round of regionals after placing second in the 2A region during the first round of regionals. The first round of regionals was held Saturday, February 1 at Eau Claire High School.

“We exceeded our expectations but knew only having freshmen, sophomores and two juniors, the program consist[ed] of young guns to compete for state championships in the near future. Beating out Columbia High in the regionals was big, as well as winning over top seed St. Joseph for the school’s first Upper State playoff victory. Coach Credits: Kenneth Riley, Latonya Hemingway, administration and staff,” Wrestling Coach Robert “Hollywood” Hemingway said.

Keenan competed against North Central, Columbia, Pelion and Eau Claire high schools in the regionals.

Out of all the wrestlers, three from Keenan made first place to go to the second round of regionals. The wrestlers were Junior Tarik Williams and Sophomores Kemondre Pauldo and Nathaniel Eargle.

“I’m glad we were able to come out in second place as a school,” Pauldo said.

Keenan set a school record by placing nine wrestlers in the finals and stopping Columbia High from defending the region championship.

“Even though we didn’t win regionals, we still proved that Keenan is a competition that people need to watch out for,” Sophomore Nathaniel Eargle said.

The final scores of regionals were North Central 172, Keenan 162, Columbia 153, Pelion 88 and Eau Claire 76.