By Breonia Lee, News Editor

It’s that time of year when not only students, but teachers and staff as well are on the edge of their seats. After juggling maintaining grades and the extracurricular, activities students are ready to have a break from school. The second longest break from school, winter break, is always something to look forward to after the first semester. Just the thought of the time out of school gives us relief.

So, let’s face it: This year was a shock when the kickoff of winter break was postponed. It left everyone confused as to why this change was made, but Mrs. Henrietta Montgomery, Dean of Students, clarified it.

“The breaks are determined by the school board with the input from executive cabinet, certified staff, certified district support staff and administration,” Montgomery said.

Despite the conclusion, it should be understood: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Even though the decision was determined by the school board, most students and teachers still argued with the choice. The decision altered attitudes, winter break plans and even attendance before the actual break itself.

“It was too short, it should’ve been longer. And didn’t allow us enough time to shop. I think the district should rethink it,” Mrs. Alethea Barnes-Hughey, English teacher, said.

In a survey of students, the results strongly supported Barnes-Hughey’s statement. The majority of students surveyed deemed they were unlikely to become accustomed to the new winter break kick-off being December 20 rather than the 18.

Yet the likihood of being present was considered unchanged by students despite the later date. The later date was said to be beneficial to the attendance rate.

“I think the attendance was better since it was on a Friday. It was a lower rate of students out on Friday than it would be on a Wednesday,” Mrs. Debbie Lomas, Attendance Secretary, said.

It’s hard to determine if this change is for better or for the worse since it’s different from what we expect it to be. This change could probably be more beneficial if this becomes the new annual break or raises concerns from students, teachers and staff. For now, the Raider family will have to wait for what the next school year will bring.