By Jasmine Mack, Sports Writer

On November 8, Keenan competed against Powdersville High School in the first round of the playoffs. The game started at 7:30 and was held at Bolden Stadium.

The game started with #2 Senior Peter Easaw on the carry. #20 Junior Tiski Gray successfully made the first 1st down for the first quarter. #11 Senior Jordan Reid caught the ball over two defensive players to score a touchdown for the first quarter.

“I thought the game was exciting; it was fun. I enjoyed the band, and the cheerleaders were good, too. Jordan’s touchdown was awesome in the first quarter,” Ms. Ashley Horton, Science Teacher, said.

A few minutes into the second quarter, Powdersville scored its first touchdown to tie the game. After the touchdown, Keenan got the ball. Gray made the first 1st down in the second quarter. After Gray’s first down, #1 Junior Deion Trezevant made the second 1st down. Following that first down, #9 Junior Kendrick Gathers scored the second touchdown of the game to end the second quarter.

“I feel the game was very interesting, but I also feel like we could have done better. On the bright side, some of my teammates stepped up and made big plays such as Jordan Reid and Tiski Gray,” Gathers said.

Powdersville had the ball going into the third quarter. The Raiders’ strong defense made them unable to score another touchdown, so they got the ball again. After getting the ball, Gray successfully scored the third touchdown of the game.

“The game was ok…I feel that we could have had a better performance. The team had a good showing and by Jordan, Kendo [Kendric Gathers] and myself, found the end zone to get a victory,” Gray said.

Nearing the end of the fourth quarter, Powdersville had the ball and was about to score its second touchdown of the game. The quarterback threw the ball and Reid intercepted it. The game ended the score 19-15 to give Keenan another win.

“I am very proud of our team and their accomplishment; however, if we intend on being or becoming a championship team, we have to play better and finish,” Head Coach Quin McCollum said.

After this win the Raider football record was 7-4-0. After winning this game, the Raider football team faced Fairfield Central High School at Fairfield.

“It was a good game. They said they wanted a win, and they got one,” Senior Keri McQueen said.