By Ashleah Williams and Shaquita Carlos, Features Writers

The Keenan Gospel Choir is for students to open up and to show everyone their musical talents. Every student has a different feeling about the Gospel Choir. Some students feel the Gospel Choir is for inspiration or feel it is for displaying musical talent. The Gospel Choir is for any student who has musical talent, so they can face their fears, so they can be known.

“The Gospel Choir has come a long way. Everyone has put in effort, and it is a success,’’ Sophomore Hope Cobbs said.

The Gospel Choir has its rehearsal every Monday after school. The members go over every song, bring out the wonder of talent and the joy of singing. The inspiration of the gospel music is what causes the students to enjoy singing and opening up about their feelings. So far students like it, and they love the way their voices sound when they sing the songs. This choir brings them together as family or in harmony.

“The Gospel Choir is a very inspirational [thing] that brings many voices together for one purpose, allowing us to come in harmony,” Junior Cyrus Hall said.

The Gospel Choir was brought together by the students and Mrs. Archias Gilmore- Brown, Choral Music Educator, because the students wanted it. The Gospel Choir was also brought together to help students who have a fear of singing in front of a big crowd. The first concert will show how far they got on singing the songs during the rehearsals. The Gospel Choirs’ first concert should be a success.

“The students wanted the Gospel Choir. The first concert should be during the first award program or a Christmas program,” Gilmore-Brown said.

The Gospel Choir should be enjoyed by everyone. So far everyone likes it and hopes they can keep the feeling going. Gilmore-Brown hopes the concert will be a success and that the students give it their best. The musical talent and the inspiration were all put in this choir by the students.