By Kenyonna Killingsworth, Graphics and Design Editor

The state fair was here and up and running. People came from all over to town just to come to the fair; some people come to eat, play and ride the rides. The fair is famous for its corndogs, candy apples and elephant ears. None of these choices is good for you. The fair only offers unhealthy choices, so why make that mistake? Because it looks and tastes good? But it is not good for people to eat; it can cause problems such as weight gain, heart burn and other health issues. Mrs. Maxcine Bowman, School Nurse, offers her opinion on the State Fair food and why is it unhealthy.

Q: Do you like the fair food; if so, what kind do you like?

A: Love the State Fair food and will eat a candy apple.

Q: When you go out, do you try to eat healthy?

A: No, and I don’t give it a second thought.

Q: Do you prefer students to eat healthy at the fair?

A: I would prefer the students to eat healthy, so [they] wouldn’t come to school sick

Some students at Keenan felt the fair food give them heart burn.

One of them was Senior Armel Marsh.

“They cook the food in the same grease,” Marsh said.

He loves going to the fair to and he will go again next year. The fair is a treat to people because it only comes around once a year.

“People love the fair food and keep coming for more because it tastes good,” Freshman Samaria Moton said.

When students go to the fair they should make healthy choices. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s good for you or healthy.