By Ivi Mitchell, News Writer

On September 28, in the auditorium, Freshman Breison “Mollie” Woods, Junior Nickolus Stewart and Senior Lincoln Hawkins were the winners of the talent show.

Stewart was the first place winner.

“Singing is my talent, and I practice to be great,” Stewart said, “Everyone has a talent, and nobody is better than anyone.“

Woods came in second place for singing also.

“Although I didn’t sing a gospel song, I still believe I sounded better,” Woods said.

Instead of singing, Hawkins showcased dance and won third place overall but first place in dance.

“I feel that I was nervous, and going on stage made me feel as if I accomplished something,” Hawkins said.

Including helping the students to prepare the day before to keep from being nervous, Mrs. Archias Gilmore-Brown, Choral Music Teacher, put everything together as director to make the talent show a success.

“[There was] lots of stress, trying to be everywhere for everybody, but it turned out well,” Brown said.