By Kiera Savage and Jada Cochran, Sports Writers

A few changes have recently been made to Keenan’s cheerleading squad.  Ms. Yolanda Bennett, the new cheerleading coach, made the decision to have tryouts for the new transfer students.

“I wanted to give the transfer students and the girls who didn’t know about tryouts a chance to tryout,” Bennett said.

New Cheerleaders are:


Freshman Felicity Johnson

Freshman Keyona Peters

Freshman Mariah Stoudermire

Freshman Zyesha Tucker


Senior Diamond Covington

Junior Shonteonna Harris

Senior Morgan Pough

Sophomore Amber Stone


Senior Tarnisha Thomas

Four new girls were chosen for the Varsity squad to fill it to capacity and four more were chosen to create a JV squad to represent at JV games. There was never a JV squad for the 2013 JV Football Season; Bennett felt it was necessary to create one.

The ladies had a four-day week for tryout practice, consisting of learning a dance and a few cheers. The day of tryouts, the atmosphere was filled with high spirits, plenty of confidence, high jumps and excitement.

“I tried out for the cheerleading squad because I have a lot of school spirit, it fits my personality and it will give me an even better chance to support the Lady Raiders and Boys’ Basketball team[s]. Also it will help keep me busy after band season,” Thomas said.

The upcoming basketball season will be filled with lots of new spirit, new cheers and a new coach. This is Bennett’s first year coaching the Radiant Raider Cheerleading Squad, and she is expecting big things from the ladies, who are expected to .

“I like supporting our Raider Basketball Team, and it was something to keep me occupied,” Stone said.

The Raiders Basketball Season starts in December; fans should make sure to check out the ladies in action at a Raider Basketball game near them.