By Precious Suber, News Writer

Keenan may have plenty of rules and regulations, but the policy that is talked about the most around school is the dress code policy. Students are required to follow the dress code policy whether they like it or not.

“I feel that some parts of the dress code are a bit unreasonable.  I understand that some rules need to be enforced, but other rules just seem to be made just because it’s possible,” Junior Tykira Smalls said.

Some students feel as if the dress code policy is not fair at all.

“[The] dress code at Keenan has a bad influence because so many of the kids already violate…the dress code, and the teachers need to follow it, too,” Junior Victoria Beason said.

According to the Richland County School District One dress code policy, students are not supposed to wear clothes that are distracting to other students.

“We are basically following all of the rules that are written in [the] Richland One…discipline code of conduct,” Ms. Henrietta Montgomery, Dean of Students, said.

Various students think some of the outfits should not go against the dress code policy, such as the high-low dresses.

“It’s a form of expression; it’s a way I can be myself, [it] makes me feel beautiful and it’s a new fashion,” Junior Nikia Franklin said.

Mr. Sean Glover, Assistant Principal, said if a girl is wearing a high-low dress in class, it could be a distraction to the students because the dress would be too short in the front. If a student wears something inappropriate to school, then he or she will have to go to In-School Suspension (ISS) and call someone to bring a change of clothes.

“It’s the district’s rules; we’re just enforcing them,” Glover said.