By Rodrick Jones and Quinton Stroman, Sports Writers

Keenan volleyball is rolling right now. The team is a young one this year with only two Seniors. The team’s record before going into a three-game stretch was 4-3.

“It feels good that we’re doing well as a team. It’s also nice to see that we’re able to execute what we practice on the court,” Senior Jasmine Haggins said.

Going into those three games, the team seemed prepared. That preparation showed this past week.

“We stuck together and communicated well. We kept each other pump[ed],” Sophomore Le’on Hill, volleyball player, said.

The team has begun region play, and they’re on a four-game winning streak.

“The girls had to learn my system. We struggled at first, but I believed overall they’ve improved,” Coach Anita Mobley said.

The team came out victorious each game of back-to-back-to-back week. The team is now number two in their region. The Seniors have done well in leading the team

“I’ve helped people with skills, told people what they could work on and I set the example,” Senior Tasia Whitman, Team Captain, said.