By Cora Webb, News Editor

On April 22, the awards ceremony for the Richland One Visual Literacy Festival Book Production Contest was held in the Columbia Children’s Center, which is located in Richland Mall.

The Visual Literacy Festival is generally a collection of individual contests designed to acknowledge the work done by the students and faculty members of Richland One.

During the school year, students and faculty members of Richland One worked on their entries for the contest. The work presented for the contest was not specifically for the contest, but rather was material prepared for standards-based class projects during the school year.

“We were told to do a project and the project was to create a game, but our teacher [Mrs. Kirstin Bullington] suggested we make a book instead,” Junior Tamia Morris, one of the first place winners and a member of the Biotechnical Engineering class, said.

The entry by Keenan’s students was entitled The Blue Blob Story, which was a book based on the structure and basis of the human skeletal system.

The three creators of The Blue Blob Story all are members of the afterschool Biotechnical Engineering class taught by Bullington.

Although there were categories starting from elementary levels, the Keenan team competed against various other entries in their category, one of them being entered by a team from A.C. Flora High School.

“I was surprised that we won out of our category due to the hype of the other groups and the comments of the presenters,” Junior Samanuel Martin, another member of both the first place team and the Biotechnical Engineering class, said.

Although the team brought in the first place prize, the nervous feelings regarding the revealing of the winners coupled with the inspections of the hosts and presenters of the prizes brought a lot of eagerness.

“They started with the elementary school awards and built up to the high school awards, so there was a lot of anticipation,” Junior Ke’Aundra Jones, another first place winner and member of the Biotechnical Engineering class, said.

The prizes included an honorary certificate and ribbon and the honor of receiving first place. While the Keenan team worked hard on the book, they believe their hard work was paid off.

“When they called our names, I was surprised we won first place and was excited to hear about the interesting other winners,” Morris said.

The presentations of this year’s Visual Literacy Contest gave the students the opportunity to obtain recognition for their work and to see how it compares with the work done by other students in their grade level across the district.

The awards given at the ceremony will hopefully encourage the students to work harder in school and begin to prepare their entries for the contest of next year that will highlight even more talents of Richland One.