By Samanuel Martin, News Writer

In March Richland One’s Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp (JROTC) hosted its National Award Ceremony at the C.A. Johnson High School Auditorium. All JROTC units in the district were in attendance.

This ceremony showcases the best of the best cadets in JROTC. The cadets displayed the seven Army values.

“It was a pleasure to reward students for activities they have excelled in over the year,” Master Sergeant Brenda Boyd said.

A number of awards were given to honor what each cadet did.

“Our cadets are able to compete w/other cadets throughout the nation [and] showed that cadets work[ed] extremely hard this year, and this hard work was reflected in the trophies that they won as a drill team, the support that the color guard gave to the[ir] school and community, the commitment of the rifle team and various other outstanding community project[s],so their awards were definitely earned,” Major Walter B. Savage said.

Everyone who got an award felt proud.

“It made me feel like an outstanding leader,” Senior and Cadet PFC Tylen McKinnon said.

The awards mean a great deal to both the students and their instructors.

“[It] gives me the honor of presenting to [a] deserving student,” Boyd said.

Boyd was happy to be a part of the program.

“[It was a] pleasure to reward students for activities they have excelled in over the school year,” Boyd said.

Boyd pride in seeing Keenan cadets gathering awards was evident.

“[I felt] proud…representing some of the best in the district,” Boyd said.

School Awards were given to reward cadets for their achievements through JROTC. This year was extraordinary; Savage and Boyd gave out more awards than any other year.  There was excellent turnout for the ceremony, which included a guest speaker.

Awards National Presenter WJ Keenan JROTC
Son of the American Revolution JROTC Instructor Samanuel Martin
Scottish Rite/Ancient Freemason Mr. John Marcucci Christopher Phillips
Marine Corps League Mr. John Marcucci Clinton Bouyer
The Retired Enlisted Association SSgt Geriner Braxton Muldrow
National Sojourner Awards Mr. Wayne Smith Christopher Phillips
Military Order of Purple Heart Mr. Dan Boswell Tylen Mckinnon
Veterans of Foreign Wars JROTC Instructor Christopher Cochran
Veterans of Foreign Wars JROTC Instructor Micheal Mack
Military Officer Association of American Award Mr. Wayne Smith Matthew Cook
Military Order of World Wars Award Mr. Wayne Smith Matthew Tyler
Reserve Officer Association Award BG John Geiger Sabrina Latta
American Veterans Award JROTC Instructor Chasity Anderson
Daughter of the American Revolution Award Mrs. Glenn Sabrina Latta
American Legion Military Excellent Award JROTC Instructor Moesha Priester
American Legion Scholastic Award JROTC Instructor Samanuel Martin
Deadalian Award JROTC Instructor Moesha Priester
AUSA JROTC Instructor Matthew Tyler