By Shacori’ya Eaves, Features Writer

As a newly employed teacher Mr. Adam Traynor, Social Studies Teacher, enjoys working at Keenan.

His focus for this year is to become more accustomed to the school and its culture. He also wants to do the utmost to make sure his students succeed. He has enjoyed teaching for a long period of time. This career choice was something he knew he wanted to do after his military experience.

“I fell into teaching and felt I really enjoyed it in the military; I got in[to] a classroom and never looked back,” Traynor said.

Traynor feels the administration and his coworkers are very supportive for the time he has been here.  Mrs. Carolyn D. Franklin, Business Education Teacher, and other co-workers enjoy his being a part of the Keenan family.

Mr. Adam Traynor, Social Studies Teacher, is new to Keenan but familiar with the school thanks to a long-term substitute position he held last year when Mrs. Donna Bates, Social Studies Teacher, injured her foot. File photo.

“It’s great to have him as a coworker; it’s good to know that the class was replaced with another male and he’s a super teacher.  We welcome him,” Franklin said.

Franklin’s classroom is near Traynor’s on the E Hall.

While becoming accustomed to Keenan’s culture and school, he shows his dedication both inside and outside the classroom. Traynor participated in the school’s Coming Home dodge ball activity. He stayed in the game for a long time period.

“He shows a lot of school spirit,” Ms. Deidra Hutson, Mathematics Teacher, said.