By Tykira Smalls, Features Writer

Mrs. Debra Lomas, Attendance Secretary, has been enjoying her year at Keenan. She has been working here for seven years, and she was previously working as Registrar. She has taken up her new position this year with great enthusiasm.

Lomas knew her future career lay in the office. Secretarial work is no stranger to her; she knows this field best.

“That’s all I’ve ever done. I took secretarial classes in high school,” Lomas said.

What she enjoys most about Keenan is the student body. She loves working with the students here.

Mrs. Debra Lomas, Attendance Secretary, is enjoying her new position in the Attendance Office, literally and figuratively: The job allows her to interact with students in a different way from how she worked with them as Registrar, and her office is just off the Commons Area, so she can enagage in the action, such as College Hat Day, sponsored by the Young Kings Club. Photo by Mr. Stephen Milligan, Staff Photographer.

“I also like being in the office by myself sometimes,” Lomas said.

Her joy in this high school hasn’t gone unnoticed.  Mrs. Cheryl O’Dell, Principal’s Secretary, noticed Lomas seems to be happier with her new position.

Mr. Alvin Pressley, Principal, has noticed as well. He always has absolute faith and confidence in his employees and their skills. He knew Lomas would be very efficient in her new position.

“Mrs. Lomas was an excellent employee as the guidance registrar.  Her transition to attendance secretary was a smooth one.  Mrs. Lomas has qualities that will make her successful in any position that she pursues.  She is well organized and completes tasks in a timely manner with proficiency and accuracy.  I think she is doing an excellent job, and she will continue to be successful,” Pressley said.