By Tykira Smalls, Features Writer

This year Mrs. Alethea Barnes-Hughey is in a new position as an English Teacher, and she has been enjoying it absolutely.

“I like when students want to learn, and I also like the fact that the teachers care about the school. We’re like a family,” Barnes-Hughey said.

She’s always known she was going to be an English Teacher. There was nothing she wanted to do except teach.

“I always have, and I always knew,” Barnes-Hughey said. “I can’t really explain it.”

Her performance in her new position has been enjoyable. The students especially notice this, even some students who don’t take her class. Sophomore Christina Jackson has no classes with Barnes-Hughey, but she visits her classroom from time to time.

“She’s a really nice teacher, and she’s really passionate when she’s teaching,” Jackson said. “She knows how to motivate the students.”

Mrs. Anita Stroman, English Department Chairperson, also has noticed Barnes-Hughey’s progress.

Mrs. Alethea Barnes-Hughey, English Teacher, is back in the classroom. After the departure of Dr. Charity Ntiasagwe, Barnes-Hughey moved from overseeing the Read180 program to take over some of Ntiasagwe’s English II CP classes. Photo by Mr. Stephen Milligan, Staff Photographer.

“Mrs. Barnes-Hughey is doing great in her new position as an English II Teacher. She has had much success with students passing the HSAP, so there is no better place for her than 10th grade, where students are administered the test for the first time. She loves what she does as a teacher, so she would do great in any position in the department,” Stroman said.

Before she became an English teacher, Barnes-Hughey used to teach Read180, a reading a program.

“Read180 is a program to assist students in their reading Lexile (reading levels). It helps with a lot of English initiatives,” Barnes-Hughey said.

Barnes-Hughey is very popular among students and teachers. She has an outgoing character and is quite nice.

“I admire Mrs. Barnes-Hughey’s jovial personality and hardworking demeanor.
She is so resourceful as a colleague and good friend. She makes sure that she keeps me smiling at all times,” Stroman said.

Sophomore Shadiah Knight takes Barnes-Hughey’s class.

“She always encourages students to learn. She’s very fun and has a good sense of humor,” Knight said.

When she’s not teaching, Barnes-Hughey spends her free time watching Lifetime movies, reading, shopping, traveling and eating.