By Richard Lawhorn, Sports Writer

Well in the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year there was talk of a Keenan soccer team for the first time in school history.

“I kind of sort of knew there wasn’t going to be a team, but I would’ve played if there was,” Sophomore Rodrick Jones said.

Jones said there wasn’t going to be enough students at Keenan who would be interested in the sport of soccer.

The formation of a Keenan soccer team looked very realistic aside from the fact Keenan is a 2A school trying to get a soccer team. The obstacle that Coach Dameon Franklin, Athletic Director (AD), was facing is the number of participants who would even consider trying out for the team.

“Kids said they wanted to play soccer, but I didn’t have anyone who signed up,” Franklin said.

Soccer is only big in the 4A schools in Columbia, so a 2A Soccer team is unheard of. Keenan is going to try to break that boundary by being one of the first 2A schools to do it.

“Now there is going to be new two sports I want to play because at the athletic banquet,  [the] AD said [there] was going to be a new lacrosse team, too,” Sophomore Makale Tolliver said.