By Kendric Gathers, Sports Writer

Senior Patrick Tyler is a well-known leader on and off the field; this young track star is very humble and hungry to take his God-given talents to the next level on an athletic scholarship. Tyler has played a big role in Keenan’s track and field program. He is athletic and runs many races such as the 400m, 400m hurdles, and 200m. Tyler is a positive person and encouraging to those who are less fortunate.

Peter Easaw, a Junior on this year’s track and field team, said Tyler is inspirational and loves to compete against the best of the best.

“Tyler has made a huge impact on my life dealing with track and field along with the classroom,” Easaw said.

Tony McWhite, a Senior on this year’s team, is very close to Tyler and has been running with him since their Freshman year in high school. McWhite encourages Tyler when he is down on himself, which helps him to maintain his positive attitude.

“I have a really big heart and always come to accept a challenge when the time comes,” Tyler said.

Senior Patrick Tyler exhibits the characteristics of good sportsmanship both on and off the track. A member of the Young Kings Club, Tyler sets an example of gentlemanly conduct for his peers. File photo.

Senior Leontre Johnson, also a leader on the track team, is a sprinter along with Tyler and is always going at it in practice, making Tyler better and better by the day. Johnson loves to make Tyler compete because he knows just how good Tyler can be with just a little hard work.

“Tyler is very smart and has the potential to be great in every race or event he does,” Johnson said.

“I am very hard working and serious when I say I’m going to make it in this tough world,” Tyler said.

One of Tyler’s favorite things to say is “excuses don’t excuse, and explanations don’t explain.” A lot of others who participate in track with Tyler say he is just about the hardest working person they know when it comes to track.

“My work ethic is very good, and I’m always looking for some opportunities to get better and progress in life” Tyler said.