By Alexandria Hamilton, News Writer

Attendance is important for high school students.  Mrs. Debra Lomas, Attendance Secretary, said being an attendance person is hard. It’s very stressful because she deals not only with attendance but also with disciplinary referrals for ninth and 12th graders. Lomas said the attendance policy is fine, and the school has to go by what the district officials say.

Lomas said attendance is more stressful at the end of the school year because she has to prepare the attendance for Seniors and end-of-the-year attendance. The job consists of handling late arrivals, early dismissals and P.M. release and coding all day. Lomas said the attendance policy is being enforced very well.

Mr. Sean Glover, Assistant Principal for Operations and Freshman Academy, said the attendance policy is fair.

“If I could change anything, I would make it stricter,” Glover said.

He said he would cut down the amount of days students can miss. He also said the policy is different at Keenan in terms of parent notes; the attendance cost is greater. Students only can have a certain number of absences. Glover said that he thinks the policy is important because of the amount of seat time a student must have; he said Keenan is doing the best to enforce the policy, but everyone must do his or her part. Teachers must take attendance every day and go to workshops to improve the attendance policy.

Ms. Henrietta Montgomery, Dean of Students, said she would not change the attendance policy. Students must have 180 days of seat time in high school to earn credit for their high school diplomas. There are a number of days students can miss for a yearly semester course and still receive credit.

Montgomery said that the attendance policy is important and effective. She said the attendance policy is effective at Keenan. Students are being held accountable for their actions.