By Anthony Harris, Sports Writer

The Keenan track team recently had its first official track meet that team members have been working hard to be successful in. The meet was held at Memorial Stadium.

The team competed hard in all of the events. With all their hard work, they ended up winning some events. Three events were dominated by the males and one event was dominated by the females.

The male runners won the 100-meter race, 200-meter race, and the 800-meter race.

The 100 meter race was won by Junior Peter Easaw.

“Overall we did well as a team. We even had a person…set a school record,” Sophomore Javontae Davis said.

Junior Chris Bernard set a record for Keenan in the 800-meter race. He also won to top off this record-breaking race.

“I was surprised when I found out I…ended up breaking a record. All I did was run my hardest,” Bernard said.

A 200-meter race was won by a Sophomore Kendayzha Peters.

“Out of all the three events we won, I was just happy to bring one race home for the female runners and put a smile on our coach’s face,” Peters said.

Coach John Javis seemed to be pleased with the team’s effort in the meet. The meet was a good start for the track season.