By Diamond Covington, Sports Writer

Senior Titus Hopkins is on spotlight because of his outstanding performance on the football field. Hopkins has been playing football since the age of 13, when he played at Trenholm Park, and he started playing at Keenan in 2009 at the age of 15. Hopkins was on the Junior Varsity team his first two years, where he didn’t receive any play time. It wasn’t until his last two years that he became a starter and quarterback.

“I enjoy playing football because it’s fun, and it keeps me in shape,” Hopkins said.

Hopkins has received a full athletic scholarship to Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina. He wants to major in graphic design and play football for five years.

“I’m very proud of Titus,” Coach Mitchell Moton said. “He has worked very hard for the past four years and deserves every ounce of success…he has made.”

To prepare for games, Hopkins prays and listens to his favorite rapper, 2 Chainz. When he steps on the field, his confidence goes through the roof. His main goal is to win and play to the best of his abilities.

Senior Titus Hopkins plans to develop his football talents while majoring in graphic design at Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina. File photo.

“People have always told me I was too small to play football. I wanted to prove them wrong, and playing football was my way of doing so,” Hopkins said. “Criticism used to upset me, but now it’s my motivation.”

As a quarterback, Hopkins’ duties are to be a leader, direct and correct his team and keep a positive attitude. Quarterback is probably the most important position on the football field and the toughest position to project.

“Titus is a good football player and is also a good student in school; I enjoy watching him play,” Sophomore Kendra James said.

Hopkins was a helping hand in improving Keenan’s regular season record from 5-5 to 6-4.