By Eleecia Javis, Graphics and Design Editor

Twenty-four Richland One students competed in the finale of the Best Singer in the District competition on April 12 at Eau Claire High School.

After two days of auditions in February, these students were chosen by a panel of judges to sing in the finale. The prize package for the grand prize winner included $500 in cash, a trophy and a six-month full scholarship to study voice.

“All the students were awesome and superior,” Ms. Archias Gilmore-Brown, Chorus Teacher, said. “It was the first time for the students to perform in a big venue, which showed growth.”

Freshman Lyric Swinton and Sophomore Nicholas Stewart represented Keenan in the event.

“I had fun and met a lot of new people,” Swinton said. “I wasn’t really nervous.”

Swinton also said how big her competition was and that there were plenty of great voices.

“The competition was filled with a lot of good singers, which made me kind of nervous,” Stewart said. “My overall experience was pretty good.”

Brown said the students should have had more one-on-one time with the coaches to prepare them better for the big competition.

The two Keenan students tried their best but were defeated.