By Joshua Glenn, News Writer

Raider Engineering and Academic Leadership (REAL) Competitions have been a part of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program for a while. The competitions are held by the University of South Carolina or Benedict College colleges of math and science. The competitions are a good way for students to evaluate their progress in their corresponding engineering classes.

“I enjoy the REAL competitions because they allow the students to see other school engineers and college professors to gain skill and knowledge of things they need to gain future goals,” Mr. Kareem Beckett, Science Teacher, said.

Each school participating in the competitions brings from two to four select students to compete. In the competitions, teams are given assignments they must accomplish in a set amount of time. They must bring with them the knowledge they learned in their various classes in order to succeed.

“The competitions are built on what the master teacher for each engineering course ha[s] decide[d] to put in the curriculum, so the competitions are designed to test the application,” Beckett said.

Students at Keenan have participated in these competitions many times

“It was pretty good and not hard. It gave me a chance to see what I knew,” Sophomore Cyrus Hall said.

Due to the competitions being a team effort, being short on team members can be detrimental to the progress and performance of each school representative group. The experience can still be used to learn something from others as well as from oneself.

“I feel that REAL competitions can be a very good opportunity. They bring out true leadership within groups and give…you a true test of your capabilities,” Junior Devin Austin said.